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Good Book Developers
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Designer Extraordinaire

Adam is not only an expert with all the tools to turn a manuscript into a stunning book, he works quickly and collaboratively. He listens deeply and carefully, paying attention to both words and emotions. He pushed at all the boundaries to respond to my visions of what I wanted, but also gave excellent suggestions and advice I'd never have considered otherwise. He is bold yet yielding in navigating all the options. It was a transformative experience working with him on my debut poetry collection, TIDAL, due out from Pine Row Press April 2024.

Yearning for the Light: Curse of the Vampire

When I was looking for a person to develop my revised book Yearning for the Light: Curse of the Vampire (2023), I discovered that Adam Robinson had exemplary reviews as a book developer. When consulting with him, I was delighted to find him amiable and supremely knowledgeable and competent. Throughout the process he responded immediately to my many questions, was attentive and responsive to my ideas, and offered invaluable suggestions to develop and promote my book. I look forward to working on my next book with Adam Robinson, an extraordinary book developer!

Can't Be Matched

I had an outstanding experience working with Adam Robinson at Good Book Developers. Adam took my ideas and content for my new literary journal and quickly created the perfect design. We had wonderful discussions about how to match the idea of the journal to the visual presentation. Additionally, he brought his expertise to ways to improve upon my ideas, including the recordings from each writer that have proven so popular and set the journal apart. All of our exchanges were so pleasant and downright fun! I could always count on Adam, his design is beautiful, and he has deep technical and literary journal expertise he was so willing to tap into to help me create the best reading experience possible. When the site launched, Adam was there for it all, enthusiastic and supportive. I really feel like he is a team-mate, actually. I can't imagine working with anyone else. Adam really cannot be matched.

A Pocket Compass for Heroes

This is the second book Adam helps me complete and I could not be happier. It looks Incredible. Adam is Professional, Attentive, On Time, and the end result is of Great Quality.

He’s the consummate book developer.

To Eczema, with Love

Adam not only did an incredible job formatting both the print and e-version of my book, but he also was full of insight and helpful advice along the way. For this first-time, self-published author, that was incredibly valuable! I had a quick turnaround, which he worked with me on, and delivered by my end date. I'm so happy I found Good Book Developers!

Elaborate wine tome

I challenged Adam with, I think, a very ambitious project: a large format (400 pages, 11.5 by 9.75 inches) book with over 450 photographs, illustrations and graphs, combined with a scholarly (much of it technical) text about a wine region. Called "Lodi! The Definitive Guide and History of America's Largest Winegrowing Region." I wanted it to have the aesthetic impact of a coffee table book with ease of reading, yet packed with information that future students of wine would always consider to be the all-time authoritative go-to on the subject. Adam met and fulfilled these objectives with flying colors. Every page, which had an image, demanded an artistic layout, requiring deft and patient work, and constant communication. It didn't matter if a page needed to be revised four or five times, Adam was on it. My vision was precise, but this was my first book, so I needed all the help I could get. Seriously, I'm not sure if another book designer would been as receptive, or flexible. I suspect most would have resisted my demands, and neither party would have been satisfied with the results. I think Adam and I ended up being more than satisfied. So if you are looking for someone who is not just good at what he does, but also has the mental fortitude and perseverance to execute a "big" project, even if it's something of a "dream," you should consider Adam Robinson's Good Book Developers.

Getting Started with DaVinci Resolve 17

This is my fourth book. Two were done through traditional publishers and one was self published. For the fourth one, since I had been down the self-publishing road and knew the pitfalls and hassles, I needed someone who knew the ropes. Adam was great. He really knows his stuff. Adam is also a pleasure to work with. I got the book I wanted, when I needed it, at the price we agreed to. Adam not only did the design and layout, he set up the account with Amazon and Ingram, built a website, provided marketing advice and counsel--the whole nine yards. He was always generous with his time. If you want to go from manuscript to commercially viable book on Amazon and in Barnes and Noble, look no further. I am actually sad this part of the work is over and wish I had another book waiting in the wings--someday.

Working with Adam Robinson

Originally I had connected with Adam pre-pandemic to consult on my personal project in creating children's books. He was very patient, informative, gave options, and clear in his explanations. As a first timer in writing a book and publishing, It was very overwhelming. He simplified it for me so I could understand the steps of how to bring alive my vision. I appreciated how Adam was in constant communication with me, heard what I wanted, and gave excellent insight and knowledge. He really heard me and understood what I was trying to capture. Like I told him, he will be hearing from me again soon.

 by Greg Read
Highly Recommended

I have worked on six books with book designer extraordinaire Adam Robinson of Good Book Developers. Adam is a top-notch book designer whose ideas were instrumental in making the subjects of these book come alive. He took my ordinary text and the images and put them together in a design which made the books “sing.” The arrangement of text and images, and the style and design of the books, were the result of Adam’s design expertise and vision resulting from the several-hundred books he has worked on during the past 15 years. He is always a joy to work with. I recommend Adam without qualification.

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