Designing.    Editing.    Coaching.    Consulting.

Think of us as your publishing concierge

You have powerful skills.

Maybe you’re a publisher or a writer. Maybe you’re a creative executive. Whatever you do, your skills are powerful. We’re here to help you with the complicated process of bringing your good work to the world.

We develop good books.

Book design. Editing. Writing coach. Consulting.

We take your project and give you the service you need to make a beautiful, finished book in every format, for every genre.

GBD helps with editing, design, print management, distribution, and coaching. We build websites and other promotional tools. How many—or few—of these services you need is up to you.

You also decide how much you want to be part of the process. Got some ideas? Let us know. Prefer to let us do the work? No problem!



We produce old-fashioned books, the kind you can hand to your grandkid, put on your coffee table, and even read while the plane is landing.


We design ebooks, the kind you can distribute widely and affordably, use to promote your business, and read on lots of devices.


We explore the frontiers that haven’t been mapped yet. Can we hook a letterpress to a 3D printer? What’s the QR Code for dreams?


Good Book Developers uses the latest tools and knowledge from the publishing industry to develop your book.

For print books, we use the best software to design your book, from the inside pages to the outer jacket. The ebook business is always changing, so we use up-to-date systems to make great looking, highly functional ebooks for the latest devices.

Building a website that looks good and works well takes plenty of art, plenty of technical knowhow. We make author websites with everything you need. Custom domains and hosting? Yes. A sweet blog? If you write it!

And we do your behind the scenes work as well, from print management, to metadata acquisition, to coaching you on setting up your book selling business.


When you bring your project to Good Book Developers, you’ll be working with founder Adam Robinson from start to finish. Sometimes we bring in a freelancer to help, though Adam’s always available to answer your questions and help develop your plan.

And if you need something we don’t do, like a book trailer or PR campaign, we can point you in the right direction. We’re your publishing concierge; your book is in capable hands.

A note from Adam

I have been putting out books with my small press, Publishing Genius, since 2006. Publishing Genius has released over 50 books and won numerous awards.

I have taught publishing and writing in the MFA program at the University of Baltimore and screenwriting at Towson University. I was the Visiting Writer at Savannah College of Art and Design last year and I recently did a stint with the grad students at the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

I started Good Book Developers in 2011. In addition to helping individual authors, I provide design and editorial services and manage operations for several other publishers, colleges, and organizations large and small.


Let’s get started.
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