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Think of us as your publishing concierge.


Let’s make an old-fashioned book, the kind you can hand to your grandkid, put on your coffee table, and even read while the plane is landing.


Let’s make an ebook, the kind you can distribute widely and affordably, use to promote your business, and read on lots of devices.


Let’s explore the frontiers that haven’t been mapped yet. Can we hook a letterpress to a 3D printer? What’s the QR Code for dreams?

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With various levels of service tailored to the specific goals of every writer, GBD is prepared to take your work—whatever shape it’s in—and help you make a beautiful, finished book. We do everything from editing to design, coaching, print management, ebook distribution—even building websites or other promotional tools. You can be as involved as you want in every step of the process.

At the start, we’ll work together to figure out what is best for your project. That might be as a writing coach, helping you find a publisher, figuring out your business plan, or guiding you through the self-publishing world.

You’re the writer. Those are your skills, and they are powerful. At GBD, our goal is always the same—to stay behind the scenes. We’re here to help you through the complicated task of getting your book into the world. If you just finished a novel, or you’re a member of a writing group that wants to publish its first (or eleventh) yearly anthology, or if you’ve got a delicious collection of recipes to immortalize in a cookbook, GBD can make the process easy and the end product excellent.


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Publishing Is Changing

” … the average U.S. non-fiction book is now selling fewer than 250 copies per year … The complexity of the business, the razor-thin profit margins, the bookstore bankruptcies, combined with technological incursions and crazy competition, only contribute to the sense of tragedy of Titanic proportions.”

– NPR, On the Media

“Some self-publishers strongly recommend spending money on help with formatting both print and e-books; this process can be complicated, time-consuming and frustrating to do yourself, though by no means impossible if you are patient and technologically adept.”

– The New York Times

“A writer with the ambition to reach a maximum audience needs at least some understanding of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube … But even in the midst of so much change, the main challenge of publishing remains the same: finding and supporting good books.”

– The Atlantic




Print Design

We use Adobe Creative Suite to create publication-ready files for your book, both inside (the “reader pages”) and out (the “jacket”).

Ebook Design

We make great looking ebooks for the latest devices, and make a point of staying current in this rapidly changing market.

Web Design

We specialize in making author websites with everything you want and need. Custom domains and hosting? Check. A sweet blog? If you write it!




Comprehensive Editing

We give you tons of feedback on your manuscript about what’s working, what’s missing, what we think you were trying to do, and what you did.


Proofreading, the last line of defense! We will help you eliminate typos and the forehead-slappers that usually pop up too late.


Want some general feedback on your manuscript or need help getting to a goal? It’s good to have the ear of an experienced editor.



Print Management

We print a lot, and can get you the best price for the best-looking books. We guarantee we’ll save clients money at this step in the process.



What’s metadata?! We’ll make sure your book includes all the essentials: ISBN, barcode, author bio, acknowledgments … and there’s so much more to take care of!

Business Setup

Are you going to use POD or offset printing? What’s the name of your imprint? Are you going to publish several books? Do you have a comprehensive design strategy? You can!

That’s a lot. Do we do everything?

Nope! We don’t do lots of stuff that can help make a book successful. We don’t make book trailers, for example, or audio books, and we don’t offer publicity campaigns. However, we know lots of people who do, and we’ll be glad to put you in touch.

Who We Are

You’ll be working with Adam Robinson, the founder of GBD, from start to finish. Sometimes we’ll bring in a superstar freelancer for their eagle eyes, too. Your project will always be in capable hands, and we’re constantly coming up with new ways to exceed your expectations. We thrive on providing legendary service.

My name is Adam Robinson.

I have been putting out books with my own small press, Publishing Genius, since 2006. Publishing Genius has released almost 50 books and won numerous awards. In 2013 we were named “Best Publishing House” in Baltimore for the second time.

I have taught publishing and writing in the MFA program at the University of Baltimore and screenwriting at Towson University. Most recently, I was the Visiting Writer at Savannah College of Art and Design. In 2015 I started Real Pants with my partner, Amy McDaniel. Real Pants is a group blog that offers fun and engaging perspectives on the writing life, including talk of publishing, craft, reading … and more. I have also written two books of poetry—one released by a small press and one I self-published.

In 2011 I started Good Book Developers and began working as a freelance editorial consultant and designer. Today, in addition to helping individual authors, I provide design and editorial services and manage operations for several other publishers, colleges, and organizations large and small. In my spare time, I play softball and guitar.

View my account on LinkedIn or read my blog here.

How Much Does it Cost?

Because each project is different, we always provide a specific quote after learning about your manuscript and goals. For a general look at pricing, click here. To get the conversation started, please use the contact form below! We look forward to hearing from you.

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