I interrupt today’s regularly scheduled workflow to pause for a moment and say:

Hey, thanks, all you amazing clients who never fail to impress me with your imaginative writing and exciting publishing goals. Thanks for invigorating my love of books with our meaningful, fascinating conversations about how you came to write your novel, or business book, or play. Thanks for listening and understanding my suggestions, and for being patient as we travel the winding trail that ends with getting your book out into the world. And then there’s one other thing that I want to say thank you for, and that’s: thanks for paying your invoices! In the five years that consulting has been my only job, I am pleased to say that I have never once been stiffed on a payment. And that’s remarkable, because most of the time I don’t get paid until the project is completed and we see your book successfully off to the printer. I greatly appreciate everyone I’ve worked with, and what’s more, my love and trust for humanity is bolstered by this mutual trust.

Photo by nateOne