It’s been too long since I’ve updated the GBD blog. I guess I’ve been busy with so many awesome book projects—and website projects. Yep, I’ve been getting more and more into making and hosting/maintaining websites, so I thought I’d take a minute to share some that I’ve been working on.

If this first one looks familiar, that’s because you’re looking at it right now. So maybe Good Book Developers Workshop is not a whole new website, but I’m super excited about it because it marks a new direction for my publishing consultancy: writing workshops. This first one features my amazing, brilliant wife, who is offering online courses catering specifically to parents and their children. 

Respondeo Books is an exciting new publishing company based in Santa Fe. Their model incorporates a membership program, where books are selected for publication by a committee of devoted writers, scholars, and artists. The’ve got two new nonfiction titles coming out right now, and their website features a bookstore and submissions engine.

Here is a Texas legislator with tons of experience in public education, including working on “No Child Left Behind.” In the new book by Kent GrusendorfSaving Public Education: Setting Teachers Free to Teach, Grusendorf uses the force of his experience to lay out a common sense plan for real reform. Having helped with the publication of his book, it was a cinch for me to dive in and make his website so he can promote his book, especially to conferences and book festivals interested in his work.

Shifra Malka is the author of Dare to Matter, a brand new book from Green Writers Press, and she needed a website to showcase all the various elements of her publishing project—aside from the book, we made this website to highlight all the ways people can access her work, including the ebook, the audiobook, her newsletter, and all the podcasts that feature Malka’s work.

I’m excited about the other projects that are currently in the works, too! I’m hard at work on a platform for people to share their creative projects, and this week I’ll launch a big redesign for a literary journal with some serious online workshop offerings and a webstore. Stay tuned for my next update … in a year or so.

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