Ready, Set, Change … Again!

Gregg Brown shows that it’s the simple techniques that create the biggest waves of change.

We helped by editing the book, designing it for print and ebook, setting up international distribution (Gregg’s from Canada), and building Gregg’s website.

While change is a very big topic, with many models, theories, processes and steps, Gregg knew there was a need to have a quick and handy reference book that comes from the 25+ years of experience he has in working with people from diverse backgrounds.

Not filled with endless case studies or an overly detailed “how-to guide,” Ready… Set… Change AGAIN! is designed to be a quick and easy reference book for when you need information on change models, drivers for change, leading during change, and some pitfalls to avoid. Simple tips and techniques are sprinkled throughout that you can immediately put to use.


  • Editing
  • Book Design
  • Print Management
  • Website
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  • International Consulting