LIVEBLOG by Megan Boyle

Page design and production management for a 700+ page novel. 

The New Yorker:

The ensuing pages are a chronicle of good and (more often) poor decisions, sensitive disclosures, personal musings, Gchat logs, and highly detailed records of food and drugs consumed. In terms of plot, the events are ordinary: Boyle begins living with her parents, clears out her old apartment with her ex-boyfriend, moves to New York City, socializes, starts seeing someone new, and stops seeing him. But “event” is perhaps the wrong measurement: the focus is the cataloguing of her observations and shifting states of mind—all the granular things that a judicious editor might cut. Boyle is hardly the first to want to record life in its entirety, but her persistence, attention to strange detail, and humorous sense of her own abjection begin to feel like a radical act.


  • Page design
  • ARC Cover mechanical
  • Project management

Winner of an ADC AWARD

Advance Review Copy (Featuring Back Cover)

Cover design and concept by Nicole Caputo