Hill William

A novel by Scott McClanahan

Cover painting by Thomas R. Fletcher


  • Page Design
  • Cover Design
  • Print Management
  • Project Management


Tyrant Books

Working with Adam makes running Tyrant Books a lot easier. Responsive and knowledgeable, he’s also really trustworthy. He knows what needs to be done to make our books a success—from design, to working with printers and distributors, to managing everything else that comes up in the complex publishing process.

—Giancarlo DiTrapano, Tyrant Books

“I walked up to the side of the mountain like I used to do when I was a little boy. I looked out over Rainelle and watched it shine. The coal trucks and the logging trucks were still gunning it through town. They were still clear cutting the mountains and cutting the coal from the ground. Then I heard my mother calling and it was like I was a child again.”