Do It and Be Glad You Did


Do It and Be Glad You Did: A Not-Stodgy Business Book About What it Takes to Make It in Real Estate

By Shauna Ganes, a realtor and podcaster in Nevada

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Getting into real estate is super easy, right? Right! But having success and longevity in the field is another matter. In this book, realtor and podcaster Shauna Ganes sets out the fundamentals for getting started the right way. Here you’ll read about:

  1. All the costs to getting setup
  2. How to keep from flaming out in a year or two and stay in business
  3. How to distinguish yourself from the other agents in your area
  4. The Three P’s of Success: Professionalism, Planning and Procedures

Come along on this insane journey and emerge a real estate rock star.

Praise for Shauna Ganes

“This gal knows her stuff. I bet that she is a tough negotiator and has learned a lot in ten years. And at the same time she has a heart and is darn clear on her thinking. I look forward to my next education from her.”

“Shauna Ganes is vivacious and charming. What she shares about real estate is presented with energy and personality.”

This book includes whimsical illustrations.


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May 1, 2019