A Leader’s Guide

To Solving Challenges with Emotional Intelligence

Produced in partnership with EI Skills Group

This book teaches four emotional intelligence skills to acquire accurate emotional data, leverage emotions to make better decisions, understand the underlying causes of emotions and manage emotions effectively. We address difficult leadership challenges and provide you with a blueprint to successfully address these challenges using the four emotional intelligence skills. Learn how to Map Emotions, Match Emotions, understand the Meaning of Emotions and Move Emotions. This ability model of emotional intelligence is an intelligence and these are hard—not soft—skills. 

We Did It!

After my colleague and I finished our book, we had no idea what to do next. What format did we need, who would design the cover, and how do we publish? Admittedly, we were overwhelmed! Adam answered our avalanche of questions, patiently guided us through the process, and offered suggestions on how to make the book stand out at an extremely reasonable price. Since our first book, we worked with him on another and have another on the way. We can’t recommend Adam and his services enough!


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  • Publishing Consulting