In 2015 I wrote a post about free image resources and how they can be useful.

Here’s an update to that post: also check out Pikwizard. They reached out to me and asked to be included in this list. I flipped through their site and the images download with no fuss. There was a popup inviting me to try their DesignWizard site. When I clicked it, the image I had downloaded opened in a new window, automatically sized for a Facebook post, where I had several basic editing options. It was very like Canva. In two seconds I made this image:

In order to download my creation I had to create a free account, which took two seconds. Once I verified my email address, the image opened in a dashboard type thing. I clicked download and it gave me the image, no problem. Then they invited me to upgrade to a pro account. For about $100/year I’d have more access to their photos. With the free account, I have access to a million photos, but then there are some that cost $1.

I think this service is great, especially when you need to create quick images for use in social media. I like that by going to Pikwizard first, the process starts with the image, rather than starting with a blank canvas that you have to fill—this seems more intuitive than how Canva works. You can just scroll through the library of great photos at Pikwizard and when you find one that resonates, open it in their design application.

I will probably use this service again, if I remember (of course, now that I’ve signed up for an account, I am sure they will inundate me with annoying emails). It’s a great shortcut and will surely make life easier when I need to create an image for a Facebook event, blog post, or something along those lines.