Interested in seeing how printers make books? At Real Pants, there’s an interview with Jess Bornstein of Spencer Printing, where I ask her about all the various steps in the bookmaking process.


Here’s an excerpt:

What’s a typical day like for you in the office?

This is a much harder question than it seems. Normally when I get in I make my rounds around the shop. This is to say my morning greetings but to also have a glance around to get a general idea of where jobs are located. The production manager and myself then have our daily meeting to discuss any thoughts, concerns, problem solve, brainstorm and schedule production. Really the rest of the day isn’t so structured. I’m constantly checking/responding to emails and phones calls, processing orders, writing up estimates, reviewing estimates, problem solving ways of executing production in the best manner possible. Believe it or not we have walk in customers as well.