How we went from all these words

to what you see today (we asked a flash fictionist to do it).

The old was a handsome site (if I do say so myself)—but it was too dense. There were over 1200 words on the homepage. That’s more than anyone would want to read, even if it was purely the info they came for.

When I started helping people develop their publishing programs back in 2011, I didn’t know it was a job anyone did. That’s why I spent a lot of energy trying to communicate my mission. I think I was also trying to figure it out for myself.

But the work has been going good for a while now, so I decided I’d bring in a renowned microfiction writer to freshen up the copy. Enter Joseph Young, who many clients might know, since he proofread their book. I asked Joe to be vicious with his cuts, paring everything down to the salient kernels. He cut a thousand words and now, even with my additions, there are fewer than half of the original.

Good job, Joe!

All the relevant info is still here, but the most important thing is for people to feel free to contact me. There are a few ways to do that, from the contact form (see the “Contact” link on the top right) to the orange button on the bottom that allows you to schedule a phone call.

Soon, you could be working with Joe, too.