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A note on pricing

Every job is different, so we’ll schedule a conversation to hear more about your project, and we’ll give you a specific estimate. But you can refer to these items to get a sense of “what things go for.”

Publishing Price List

Here’s what we do for standard prose manuscripts, which are generally 30,000 – 90,000 words in conventional paragraph and chapter.

Full service package

This package provides everything to turn your finished manuscript into a published book. I’ll work with you to make sure you get everything you want as well as everything you didn’t know you needed. (Please note that editing is not included in this estimate.)

  • Page design
  • Cover design
  • eBook Design
  • Project management
  • Publisher setup and branding
  • All the numbers: ISBN, Barcode, Library of Congress
  • Print management
  • eBook Retail management
  • Formatting of up to ten images/charts/tables
  • Metadata (summaries, blurbs, disclaimers, etc)

Total: $600

Important note! This price does not include printing costs, which you will pay directly to the printer. I work with several printers who offer competitive pricing (a 300-page novel will cost around $4.50 per copy). I can also manage a Print On Demand (POD) option for you, where you pay nothing for copies and the cost for printing is deducted from each sale. Click here for more information on POD.

Ebook package

This package provides everything to turn your finished manuscript into a published digital book. I’ll create a completely customized format for every device and list it to be sold at the major eBook retailers.

  • Cover design
  • Ebook design
  • Project management
  • ISBN where applicable
  • Copyright in your name
  • Retail management
  • Formatting of up to three images/charts/tables
  • Metadata (summaries, blurbs, disclaimers, etc)

Total: $300

Editorial Price List

This is general pricing for our prose editorial packages. We also work on poetry, insofar as poetry can be edited, which basically means we’ll talk to you about where you’re trying to go, and whether you’re getting there. Pricing on this varies as widely as poetry can verily vary.

  1. All Inclusive: $.051/word (10,000 words = $510)
  2. Proofreading: $.017/word (10,000 words = $170)
  3. Consultations: see below

All Inclusive

  • Composition
    • [Any specific concerns from the author or publisher]
    • Broad-stroke look at structure, story arc and character development
    • Tone and creative elements, as well as possible omissions
    • Line-level editing for clarity, accuracy and smoothness
  • Stylistic elements
    • Concept and execution
    • Consistency and redundancies
    • Word use
  • Technical elements
    • Grammar
    • Spelling
    • Punctuation

This includes a detailed response in the form of Tracked Changes and Comments on your manuscript, as well as a long editorial letter.


For the Proofreading option, I will review your manuscript for grammar, spelling and punctuation.

What You’ll Receive

For both the All-Inclusive and the Proofreading options, you will receive your manuscript as a Microsoft Word document with Tracked Changes. If you don’t use MS Word, we have several other great options available.

With an All Inclusive edit, you will also get a comprehensive letter detailing the strengths of the work, suggested improvements (and rationale), and any other considerations relevant to your project. We normally have a conversation to discuss the work, too.


If you want an evaluation of your manuscript for general feedback (considering plot development, pacing and tone, for example), we can create a package to suit your needs.


  • 75,000 or fewer: 3 week turnaround
  • 75,000-150,000: 4-5 week turnaround
  • 150,000 or more: custom

More Pricing Info

Note: Projects are calculated based on my hourly rate of $60. If we’re already working together, like on an editorial or design project, we’re happy to negotiate any of these fees.

Hourly Rates

  • Editorial & Print Design: $75
  • Web Design: $75
  • Project Management: $100
  • Indexing: I don’t do it
  • Transcribing: ask
  • Training: $100
  • Book Coaching: $125

Other Rates

  • Author website (incl. domain, 1 year hosting and maintenance): $600
  • Website hosting fees, annual: $150 (includes routine maintenance)
  • Bookmark design: $50
  • Postcard design: $50
  • Press release: ask
  • Fulfillment: ask

Be sure to view our pricing on publishing, editing, and the other stuff, too.


You will be billed through an invoicing service that accepts checks or Paypal (credit cards are accepted that way too). Additional work, after delivery, will be billed at $50/hr.

Final Note

Editing, like writing, requires intense focus. Without exception, a book must be edited and proofread several times to find and correct every error. It is not uncommon for even traditionally published books to have small typos in the finished product. Therefore, while I am confident I will correct most of the issues in your manuscript, I cannot guarantee a 100% error-free book.